by Ken Voelker
 Sellers | 5 minute read
What To Do When Your Home Isn’t Selling
Everything is subject to change. Some change is good, and some is beyond our control. The real estate market is one of those things. So what do you do when your home isn’t selling? How do you position yourself and get the results you want (and need!) faster when yours is one of three within the block? Read on. I’ve got a few points!
 Sellers | 4 minute read
3 Things NOT to Do When Showing Your Home
You have worked so hard to get your home ready, and it’s finally on the market! Some sellers can handle the whole process without feeling too anxious or stressed, but for most, this is an emotional roller coaster. 

While it is my job to handle everything in the most efficient and effective way for my clients - any time there is even the slightest amount of uncertainty about something - our minds can sometimes get the best of us, isn’t that true? The thoughts that might be going through your head are something like…
 Buyers | 9 minute read
TOP 9 Tips to Get Your Offer Accepted When You're Competing with Multiple Buyers
There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty when it comes to the state of the real estate market and what really to expect in the future. With the rising interest rates and increasing inventory, we are moving from a seller's market to a more of a ‘balanced’ market or even a buyer’s market in some areas.

Having said that, depending on the neighborhood, type of property, and price range, bidding wars continue to be the reality for many buyers.

If that’s you, and you’d like to position yourself so that your offer has the highest chance of being accepted - here are my best tips!
 Sellers | 9 minute read
How to Find the Right Agent For You
If you are in the Saginaw area and are thinking of selling your home in the near future, you are probably faced with the question of who you should list with. 

- Do you list with the one who's got all the for sale signs in the area?

- Do you choose the one your colleague at work ‘used’?

- What about the agent that keeps sending you notepads and generic flyers in the mail, promising that they have a buyer for homes just like yours?

At the end of the day everyone seems to be promising the same thing but how do you really know?
 Buyers | 4 minute read
Should You Buy Now or Wait?
So many buyers I talk to right now are feeling this massive uncertainty about what to do, and the questions I hear most often are:

Should we wait to buy? Are interest rates going to continue to rise? Will house prices be coming down? What if we buy now and property values plummet, and we're upside down on our mortgage? 

These are all valid concerns and very good questions, and here are a few thoughts - which I am happy to share; however, as an important disclaimer, please do not take any of this information as financial advice. So ... what ‘should’ you do? 
 Sellers | 4 minute read
Do Open Houses Work?
According to the National Association of REALTORS®, only approximately 1% of homes sell as a result of an OPEN HOUSE - which, to be honest, is always interesting to me because ... how in the world would you accurately measure that? 

Whatever the case, if we took that statistic and we were to evaluate whether an Open House is actually effective and ‘works’ to sell the house, the answer would have to be - no.
 Sellers |4 minute read
The Real Reason People Hesitate to List With an Agent
Selling your home is no easy undertaking. It takes a huge amount of time and energy, it disrupts your family's lifestyle and routines, it takes you way outside of your comfort zone, and for it to make sense, there are some very important decisions you have to make. Each decision has the potential to either move you closer to your goals - or further away from them. 

One of those decisions is, of course, do you sell with an agent, or do you sell it yourself? After all, money does play a huge role, and every seller naturally wants… all the money they can get so they can do/have [the reason they’re selling].

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