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3 Things NOT to Do When Showing Your Home
You have worked so hard to get your home ready, and it’s finally on the market! Some sellers can handle the whole process without feeling too anxious or stressed, but for most, this is an emotional roller coaster. 

While it is my job to handle everything in the most efficient and effective way for my clients - any time there is even the slightest amount of uncertainty about something - our minds can sometimes get the best of us, isn’t that true? 

The thoughts that might be going through your head are something like…

“Are they going to like our home?” 
“Will they take off their shoes when they come in?“
“Are they going to be opening every drawer and closet?” 
“Will they notice the […]?”
“Will the agent know what they need to know about our house and be able to answer the buyers’ questions properly?”

And the list goes on…

Before you go into Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Colombo mode … you know … hiding behind the bushes with a camera and binoculars or hiding video cameras and voice recorders in your home (believe me, I’ve heard it all), consider these 3 DON’T DO’s before you confirm another showing. It’s going to make your life (and the buyers’ and their agent's) a lot easier and accelerate the results you’re looking for.

1. Don’t Be Present During the Showing

Yes, it kind of goes without saying but to create the best environment for the buyers and their agent, you want to leave at least 10-15 minutes before the showing starts (in case they show up early) and allow for enough time for the buyers to inspect your home without feeling rushed.

Buying is an emotional process, and the right energy is everything. As a seller, it’s natural to feel a little anxious, and as a result, that energy can come across in a negative way. 

In addition to that, some sellers tend to talk a little ‘too much’ in an effort to build rapport, and others - believe it or not - go into full-on selling mode’ while asking too many or too direct questions … which can come across as pushy and desperate.

I know you’d never do that, of course! :)

2. Don’t Hang Out at the Neighbors and Peek Through the Windows

I know, it sounds crazy, right? There actually are sellers out there, desperate enough to ask their neighbors’ permission to come over and monitor their driveway during an open house or a showing in progress. Again, really bad energy and I would say that if trust is the issue, that’s something that needs to be talked about.

As your agent, you can count on me to not only protect your home and make sure that whoever walks through the doors is actually qualified to buy your home but also give you prompt reports and updates. 

After all, if I were in your shoes … I’d want to know, too!

3. Don’t Show Up at Your Open House Pretending to be a Buyer

Yikes. Have you ever heard of such a thing before? I have a friend who’s actually experienced that. To set the stage for you, picture the following: 

It’s Open House Sunday, and you, the agent, are there with bells on! The house is packed with visitors, and you are doing your best, multitasking between handing out feature sheets, organizing people’s shoes at the entrance, asking meaningful questions to connect and engage your visitors, and … answering questions! 

Then, awkwardness sets in. Your sellers show up and pretend not to really know you. Awkwardness increases. You hand them a feature sheet to 'play along' and avoid embarrassment. Then the unthinkable happens. Someone makes a derogatory comment about the choice of furnishings in the home. Awkwardness explodes as the sellers ….well, you can imagine the rest.

Here's the deal: If you'd rather be present during your Open House because you just simply prefer to (sometimes there are unique safety reasons) I think that's totally fine. As my client, I would coach you in advance on the best positioning and how to answer any potential visitor questions to make sure it's a win-win. 

The bottom line: One of the greatest advantages in selling your home with a professional is the power of third-party negotiation - if practiced skillfully and ethically. 

As your REALTOR®, it is my goal and fiduciary duty to represent you in the most professional manner and help you negotiate the best possible deal - while protecting your property and your privacy in the most effective way.

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